IT Consultancy

We'll help you match your IT infrastructure to your business needs - now and into the future

We offer a range of fact-based consultancy services to help our SMB clients use and manage IT to maximise performance and reach their business objectives.

As Your Virtual IT Department, we can provide the key IT consultancy services you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure is appropriate for your business requirements both now and into the future. We focus our services around the core strategic elements that make the most difference to your business; assisting your team in optimising processes, improving efficiency, protecting your data resources and understanding the strategic direction needed to deliver the IT infrastructure that your business needs at a cost it can afford.

Our specialist consultants focus primarily on small and medium sized businesses and can add value across all areas and stages of an IT infrastructure. We provide high-level strategic consultancy, vendor independent design and proven project methodology. Through in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure, we design solutions, define products, evaluate vendors, assess risk and identify areas for improving productivity. 

From simple computer networks and IT systems, to complete business office solutions, we can guide your company to success using our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals